Sandal & Geckos Collections

Sandal CollectionSandal CollectionThe Sandal holds memories of your days visiting St. John, where you ran your toes through the sand and enjoyed the warm sun. Just rub your sandal when you need to be reminded of this beautiful island. Our adorable sandal jewelry, including our exclusive "St John Running Shoe" (inspired by St. John's annual "8 Tuff Miles" race across the island), is shown below.

GeckosGeckosThese freindly little creatures are close by no matter where you are on St. John. It is said that they are protectors and bring good luck. They are just one of the little pleasant parts of our island life.

Our beautiful Gecko Collection will help you with memories of your island get away. This photo portrays all of the inlay options that are available on most styles. Clockwise starting at the top: Bluegreen Gilson Opal, Light Gilson Opal, Red Gilson Opal, Turquoise, Multilight/greenblue Gilson Opal, Gaspeite, Green Blue Gilson Opal, MultiStone and in the center, Light Gilson Opal. Select from the following Gecko Styles then choose the inlay option that you desire.


You always get a 10 DAY FREE INSPECTION of any item selected from our collection. If you are not totally satisfied for any reason with any item you've received, simply contact us within 10 days of the invoice date. We stand behind our fine products and will ensure your satisfaction. E-mail us at: or call us at 1-340-693-8625